Carpet & Sofa Shampoo Cleaning

Close-up Of A Person Cleaning Carpet With Vacuum Cleaner

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is essential from time to time to get rid of the bacteria accumulated to ensure your and your family’s health and breath. Flomex provides reliable, affordable carpet cleaning solutions that fit your home or office, whether it is steam carpet cleaning or dry carpet cleaning.

With our proven expertise, we know very well on how to properly clean deep your carpets and make them odourless using our equipment. We guarantee that we will get rid of all the dirt, soil, unwanted things from the carpets and sterilize it from any bacteria and pollutants.

Sofa Shampoo Cleaning

Beside carpet cleaning, we are specializing in sofa cleaning. Old couches and sofas will look full and the color will fade gradually due to the dust and stains leaving on it. We understand that a dull-looking sofa can affect the vibe of your premise. However, it is hard to remove the stains without any good equipment and tools. To make your home look good as always, sofas and couches must be cleaned frequently to make sure they are clean and fresh. We have skills and latest cleaning equipment to remove stains and restore the colour of sofas, guaranteeing you a fresh clean sofa for your premise.

Apart from advanced technology and appropriate sofa cleaning solution, Flomex provides the best cost-effective sofa shampooing services in town which are well worth your money and save your energy, while maintaining the durability of your sofas.

Removing dirt from sofa with upholstery cleaner, closeup

Carpet Cleaning Process


Carpet Inspection

Examination and evaluation of carpet will be made in order to come out with the most effective treatment for the fiber, stains and odour.


Consultation and Preparation

Advice and solutions will be given based on the conditions of the carpets so the stains and the pollutants can be got rid of effectively.


Pre-spray and Agitation

The carpet cleaning process is initiated with carpet prespraying using biodegradable cleaning solution and agitation to loosen the soil and dirt which have been stuck for so long on the carpet.


Steam Cleaning/ Dry Cleaning

Carpet will be steam cleaned using hot water extraction or dry cleaned based on the proposal we suggest according to the carpets’ conditions.


Carpet Rinsing and Neutralizing

Pollutants such as soil and dust will be extracted and rinsed from the carpet. After that, neutralizer will be used on the carpet to neutralize the carpet’s ph value.

Sofa Shampooing Process


Examining Your Sofa

Before we start, a series of evaluation will be carried out to see which kind of materials your sofas are using and the current state of the sofas such as the condition of stains.


Professional Consultation

We will give you a sofa shampooing solution which fits your sofas the most to ensure the outcome will reach your expectation in the end of the sofa cleaning processes.


Dust Removal

Sofa cleaning process will be started with hair removal using a lint remover. After that, sofas will be presprayed and the heavily soiled areas will be agitated using our chemical products.


Stains Treatment

Spots and stains on the sofas will be removed. To make the sofas free of unpleasant odour, we will apply fibre rinse and deodorize your sofa.


Steam Cleaning

The sofa cleaning services will be ended with steam cleaning of sofas and lastly, the fibre nap will be brushed to give you a fresh clean sofa back.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

They will dry naturally normally during the course of the day.

You should clean carpets every 6 months on average. However, we will recommend you to clean your carpets as frequently as you clean to maintain the hygiene of your premises.

We cannot make any promises that we can remove all of the stains because some stains can be permanent. Apart from that, there are substances that can permanently discolour the carpet fibers. We can’t guarantee to make the carpet looking as clean as it is new due to the age of the carpet and the type of the carpet fibers.  However, we will try our best to improve it.

No, it will not. Steam cleaning is done by hot water extraction. It is proven the best method in the industry to remove the embedded soil and other pollutants.

Yes, we will use a deodorizer that targets pet-related odour.

This problem is usually caused by the misuse of soap during the cleaning process. When the soap is not rinsed out completely, it will attract the dirt easily. However, we will be using hot water extraction in our process, which will leave little to no soap behind to attract the soil.

You can do regular vacuuming. You can use the vacuum to lift the carpet piles, agitate it and remove the soils, dust and pollutants on the carpet.

Carpet is cleaned using hot water extraction. However, upholstery fabric will not be cleaned using excess of water as it can cause bacteria or mold to grow and eventually damage your sofas. In general, sofas require specific cleaning method according to different fabric.

Flomex uses environmental-friendly, green cleaning solutions which are biodegradable and safe for both human and animals.

Looking for the best and affordable carpet or sofa cleaning services?

Flomex is your best choice who provides reliable and professional solutions!