About Us

We Are Flomex

We make your premise shiny like new!
Welcome to Flomex Resources Sdn Bhd

Launched in 2020 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Flomex consists of a bunch of professional and well-trained friends who are dedicated in floor grinding and polishing services, as well as carpet and sofa cleaning services. With our professional knowledge of flooring services and our efforts of keeping ourselves on track of the latest skills, we have the sense and ability to bring the most effective flooring and cleaning services to our customers in town. Our services cover both residential and commercial areas.

Our mission is to make your premises as shiny as it is new with quality solutions and tools. If you are upset or tired of the dull, old, scratched, stained floor, you are welcomed to look into our services or just simply call us to learn more about our services. As we all know, fresh, new and clean house or office can always bring a pleasant mood to our daily lives, and even maintain our health.

Why Choose Us?

Trained Skills

With adequate training, Flomex has a team of professional technicians who have unique combination of skills and physical strength such as grinding, vanishing, cleaning.

Perfect Equipment

We have all the suitable, effective machines and products used for our cleaning, grinding, vanishing processes, in order to save energy, costs and time.

Professional Knowledge

Beside the aid of good equipment, professional knowledge is another reason which makes Flomex a reliable choice for client. We always know the best solution and materials to be used in our clients’ projects.

Fast Delivery

Speed is one of the concerns of many customers. Flomex is fast enough to complete projects within the time planned to meet the requirements of our clients.

Acceptable Pricing

Flomex is commendable for its affordable pricing while giving a quality service with all those advanced technologies, products and techniques.

Wide Range of Flooring Choices

Flomex offers many different selections of flooring and tiles for timber, marble, terrazzo floors. Customers are free to choose the patterns based on their customized design.


Flomex is specializing in floor grinding and polishing services, as well as carpet cleaning and sofa shampooing.