Sand Stone Pepper Wash

Stones texture and background.

Sand Stone Pepper Wash

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock, composing of san-sized minerals and rock grains. It is common to be found in many premises for it is less expensive than marble and more durable. However, as most of the stone surface, sandstone floors can be dull, scratched, stained and fractured.

To solve the problems and to maintain the look of your sandstone, Flomex provides the best sandstone cleaning and sealing solution to take care of your sandstone using highly penetrating impregnating solvent based sealer. It can effectively protect your floor against chemical attack, deterioration and contamination. Moreover, we also offer the use of high speed polishers to make your sandstone surfaces smooth and reflective.

How It Works


Examine Site Surface

Flomex will come over the site to evaluate the condition of the floor. After that, we will come out with a combination plan which might include sandstone cleaning and sealing.


Sandstone Cleaning

Any surface that is needed to be sealed should be cleaned so it is free of old sealer, dust and any other residue. It is because it may be hard to remove the stains after sealing. Sandstone must be dry and must not have any other coating such as wax before it is sealed.


Sandstone Sealing

Depends on your sandstone tiles condition, we will an appropriate sealing option for your tiles. There are two main sealing options in the industry, which are deep penetrating impregnating sealer and topical sealer. Deep penetrating impregnating sealer applies transparent finish or colour enhancing finish, whereas topical sealer uses gloss, satin, matte finish.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I know when my sandstone floors are needed to be cleaned and sealed?

Your sandstone floors are needed to be cleaned and sealed once they begin to look dull and stained even after you clean them. If your sealer is wearing off, you sandstone is need to be sealed immediately to avoid permanent and worse staining.

Can my sandstone floors be restored to their natural fresh look?

Yes, they can. Flomex provides special solutions which can help your sandstone floors back to their natural colour again.

Can the stain on my sandstone floor be removed?

If the stain is new, it might be able to be removed. However, we cannot guarantee that the stains can be removed completely because certain stains might penetrate the natural stone and become permanent deep in the surface. Therefore, it is important to always clean and seal your sandstone so it can reduce the possibilities of stains in the future.

Are the sandstone cleaning products safe?

We understand the importance of the health of your family and pets. Therefore, the products that we choose are environmental-friendly and biodegradable.

We provide specialized sandstone cleaning & sealing solutions!

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