Grinding & Polishing (Marble, Terrazzo, Tiles, Cement)

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Marble, Terrazzo, Tiles, Cement Floor Grinding and Polishing

Does your floor look dirty, dull, scratched and blemished? Marble, terrazzo, tiles and cement floors require regular preservation to make those floors looking like new. Flomex offers professional custom floor sealing, grinding and polishing services to meet your special floor needs and make your floor back to shining state or undamaged condition.

We have proper equipment and products which suit your flooring, no matter what stone or material your floors are having. The sealing products we use are proven to be patented, fast-drying, effective and most importantly environmental-friendly products which can seal and protect your marble, terrazzo, tiles and cements against stains. Fast-drying sealers will also allow your floor easily to be cleaned and maintained.

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How We Work?

Learn About Our Floor Grinding and Polishing Services

Examine Site Surface

The floor grinding and polishing services will start with a thorough examination and careful evaluation of your floor to see which type of flooring you are using and the current state of your flooring.


Professional Consultation

Based on the surface, we will recommend the most suitable and appropriate solutions which are perfect for your needs and budget. With our expertise and skills, we are reliable that you will get the most satisfying outcome.


Grinding & Polishing

Our services include floor grinding, polishing, honing, cleaning, sealing, scratches removing, hole or cracks repairing and marble restoration. We are keen on helping you to beautify your floor to make your premise looks elegant.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much dust will be created during the restoration of marble floor?

Usually no dust will be created during the marble floor restoration process because we will be using diamond abrasives and water.

Why my natural stone countertops are no longer shiny?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions of our clients. This can be happened when the surface has not been cleaned using proper cleanser for a long term, for example many people cleans their natural stone surface simply using water and dish soap. This will eventually build up the soap film, which leads to dull stone surface.

How to get rid of the water spots after cleaning the marble stone floor?

They are not water spots. In fact, they are etch mark in the surface of the stone. The marks will appear when acidic substances contacts with any calcium based stone. To remove them, you need to polish the surface.

Can I make my floor back to the shine like when it is new?

Yes, if your floors are not deeply scratched and blemished, we can polish the surface and make it shiny again. However, polishing will not help the existing scratches. Therefore, if your floor has blemished badly, we will recommend a complete restoration for your floors. Contact us +60……………. for more information.

Tired of Damaged, Scratched and Dull Floor?

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