Timber Floor Grinding & Vanishing (Parquet, Timber Strips)

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Timber Floor Grinding & Vanishing (Parquet, Timber Strips)

Flomex offers the finest commercial or residential timber floor grinding and vanishing services in the industry which are ideal for your hardwood floor requirements. Solid timber flooring is so welcomed for its look, warmth and feel. We aim to give an affordable pricing to our customers, while providing a professional and quality workmanship.

We grind and vanish all kinds of wood and timber flooring which successfully enhance and beautify your old timber floors in the end of the process. It is just so enjoyable to step on the polished floor as if it is a new one. Our choices of timbers include laminated, engineered, prefinished, unfinished, solid, domestic or exotic. They are available with a wide range of widths. You can also customize the size based on your premises.

Why Choose Flomex?

How We Work

Examine Site Floor

Each grinding and vanishing project will be carefully examined and planned based on the condition of the floor. Before we start, we will do a thorough estimation of the floor.


Professional Consultations

Appropriate solutions will be given to our clients so our clients are clear of our plans and moves. It is to make sure we are delivering the most satisfying solutions to our clients.


Floor Grinding and Vanishing

Old floor will be grinded, vanished and restored with the new timbers you have chosen. The installation can be stapled, glued or nailed down.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does a timber floor grinding and vanishing process take?

It is variable depending on the types of floors you are using. We will advise on you on the issue during the floor grinding and vanishing quote.

Will there be a lot of dust created during the timber grinding process?

Don’t worry about the dust. There will be a fine film in the working areas and covers to protect the unrelated areas. After that, we will use vacuum to collect the dust.

Can I still stay at home during the floor grinding days?

Yes, you may. However, you should not step into the working places for your safety.

What coating finishes will be used for timber flooring?

It would be either solvent or water based polyurethanes. Solvent based gives you a high gloss. Satin or matte finish deepens the colour of the timber. Whereas, water-based finish is non-toxic, transparent and environmental-friendly.

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